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Scump Warns of Insta-Ban in New Modern Warfare 3 Field Upgrade

Scump Warns of Insta-Ban in New Modern Warfare 3 Field Upgrade

The popular call of duty‌ player Scump has recently warned against the new Modern Warfare 3 field upgrade “Insta-Ban” which has⁣ been causing a lot of ​frustration for players. This upgrade works‍ by giving the player the ability to instantly (and permanently) ban anyone on their team who they suspect of ⁣cheating.

This upgrade has been a major source of frustration for ‍players as it can be used to ⁢randomly‍ punish teammates who are⁣ just playing‍ normally. While Instant-Ban is useful in keeping cheaters off your team, ‌Scump warns that it should ⁢be used cautiously and only when there is an⁢ impossible score, score-streaking, ‍or continuous team-killing.

Players who suspect their ⁤teammates of⁤ cheating should still⁤ take the time to contact the game’s support team so that the situation can be properly looked into. While it’s understandable why⁢ players might want to act immediately, banishing ‍someone without fully knowing the situation can easily put an innocent person’s account in jeopardy. This ⁢could also lead to serious repercussions if they ‍were to mistakenly ban a⁢ legitimate player.

Despite its intention to keep cheaters out of matches, Insta-Ban has proved to be⁢ unpopular with players mainly due to its lack of fairness. While it’s tempting to make use of such upgrades, the community should take the time to identify and report cheaters instead⁤ of randomly ⁣punishing innocent players.


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