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ONIC Esport Secures Historic Victory at MSC 2023, Topples PH’s Dominance

ONIC Esport Secures Historic Victory at MSC 2023, Topples PH’s Dominance

On Saturday, October 20th, ONIC Esport, a professional esports organization based in Indonesia, captured Championship glory at the Mobile Strategies Cup 2023 (MSC 2023). This historic victory marks the first time in MSC history that a team from Indonesia has won the prestigious tournament.

The finals of MSC 2023 saw ONIC Esport take on the reigning champions, Philippines-based team Omega. The best-of-five series went the full distance, displaying a level of play and skill from both sides that made the match an intense and exciting one. The series was punctuated with big plays, clutch moments, and amazing individual performances.

Throughout the tournament, ONIC Esport showed why they were the best team in Indonesia. Much of its success was thanks to their stellar play in the early and mid-game phases, which allowed them to secure an early game lead and maintain it throughout.

The finals saw them maintain that same level of play, never giving Omega the room to make a comeback. In the end, ONIC Esport emerged victorious, winning the series 3-2 and becoming the first ever MSC Champions from Indonesia.

This momentous victory marks the end of a long journey for ONIC Esport, who has originally started as an amateur team in 2017. They’ve come a long way since then, and have now achieved greatness within the international esports scene by toppling the longstanding dominance of Filipino teams in the region.

Long considered the powerhouse in Southeast Asia, Filipino teams have been winning international tournaments since the mid-00s and have yet to be dethroned, making ONIC Esport’s victory that much more impressive.

ONIC Esport’s win at MSC 2023 is not only a victory for the organization, but a victory for Indonesian esports as a whole. Fans have lauded the team’s achievement, hailing it as a major stepping stone for the country’s esports scene, which is still in its relative infancy compared to other countries in the region.

With this victory, ONIC Esport has cemented their status as one of the region’s premier esports teams, and has written their name in esports history.


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