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League Chief Slams LCS Walkout as Summer Split Begins

League Chief Slams LCS Walkout as Summer Split Begins

League of Legends Commissioner Chris Greeley has issued a statement in response to the recent LCS walkouts, calling the his players’ actions “disrespectful and unacceptable.” Greeley’s comments come just days before the start of the 2021 League of Legends summer split.

The LCS walkouts were a response to the ongoing negotiations between commissioner Greeley and LCS players over the proposed LCS franchising model, which would require a minimum 50% player ownership in all 10 LCS teams. While the players argued that the ownership clause would give them more control over their destiny, Greeley called the walkouts a “petulant display” and argued that the players’ actions were not in line with the “League of Legends spirit.”

“Players walking out on their games is a violation of their contract and is an insult to the League and its fans,” said Greeley in his statement. “The LCS is built on the back of its players’ dedication and we cannot tolerate a disruption to the competition. Our players are role models for the community, and the LCS has a responsibility to ensure that its players are held to a higher standard. We expect all LCS players to adhere to our code of conduct going forward.”

Greeley went on to say that the LCS would be implementing “strict disciplinary measures” to ensure the continued success of the league and promised that the LCS would “not be intimidated by players who attempt to manipulate their situation for their own benefit.”

The LCS players, however, have argued that the proposed franchise model is unfair and does not give them enough control over their own destiny. They believe that the franchise model puts too much financial power in the hands of the team owners, and not enough in the hands of the players. They are also concerned about the lack of revenue sharing, which could lead to team owners pocketing more money while the players are left with less.

It remains to be seen if the walkouts will have any effect on the LCS summer split, but Commissioner Greeley made it clear that the league would not tolerate such actions, and that any players who continued to walk out on their matches would be subject to “severe disciplinary action.”


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