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Experience the Ultimate Rival Showdown in the new River City: Rival Showdown on PS4, Switch, and PC!

Experience the Ultimate Rival Showdown in the new River City: Rival Showdown on PS4, Switch, and PC!

Experience the Ultimate Rival ​Showdown

Ready to duck, dodge, and deliver devastation in ‌the⁤ ultimate real-time takeover of crime-filled River ‌City? Rendered in gorgeous 3D graphics, River ⁤City: Rival Showdown on PlayStation ​4, Nintendo Switch, and PC is the exciting and ultimate ⁤confrontational showdown you’ve‌ been waiting for! Compete with friends, ‌or rivals, in pulsating tournament battles that come jam-packed with over-the-top finishers, engaging storylines,‌ and ​a massive selection of gear.

A City Destroyed, and‍ Your ⁢Role Played Out

In the beautiful‌ River City, the uproar caused by a mysterious organization known as ‘The Conflict’ brings the⁤ city to its knees. As their ‍actions are varied, from massive attacks to stolen supplies, the balance of​ power shifts as the conflicts come forth. In River⁣ City: ⁤Rival Showdown, you can experience​ the full scope of their war as you choose from 17 ⁣playable characters, each with their own qualifications, goals, ⁤and storylines.

It’s a ‌real-time‌ world, where ⁣players must continually train up, learn new skills and upgrade their gear ‍over applying real-time ⁤street fighting ⁤tactics infused with RPG elements to systemically and strategically defeat rivals.

From the⁢ customization of your‌ own combat style with multiple ‌distinguishable weapons, right down to the armor​ and character appearances, you’ll be⁢ able to show off the power of true‌ style and ⁢strength when going⁣ up against the ⁢enemy and experience the ​ultimate rival showdown.

Reign Supreme and Defeat All Rivals

Do you⁢ think you‌ have what it takes to reign supreme? Take‌ on 3v3 battles and ‍progress through the Combatant Rankings as you begin to move up through⁢ the​ ranks and become the top fighter in all of River ‍City. You can challenge your friends, ‌locally ⁣or online, in various modes including King of the Street, ​Tug-of-War, ​and Survival. There are ‍also various‌ single-player ⁤modes‍ allowing you to play ⁢through the in-depth storyline,‍ increase levels, earn rewards, and collect all‌ of the⁢ best weapons and gear.

Thank you for​ considering River ⁤City:⁢ Rival Showdown ​as the ultimate real-time experience! So put on your boxing gloves,⁣ unleash devastating finishers, and be sure ‌to take​ in the captivating sights and sounds ​found throughout River ⁢City‍ as you experience‍ the ultimate rival showdown.


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