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MW3 Devs Facing Pressure to Remove Annoying Animation

MW3 Devs Facing Pressure to Remove Annoying Animation

The ​developers of the popular first-person​ shooter game, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), are feeling the heat from ⁣gamers who are annoyed by​ an in-game animation they⁣ encounter during multiplayer‍ matches.

The animation involves a player being sent‍ “up in the air” as ‍they take ⁢damage⁣ from an enemy within multiplayer matches. The complaints about this animation come from the‍ fact that ⁢it interrupts the game‌ flow for a fraction of a second and ‌causes‌ players to become confused about their situation.​

It is important to note that this animation does not give an advantage to ⁣any player as it does not affect the outcome ⁣of the match. Instead, it simply serves to annoy players and​ to‍ take away from ‍the immersion of the game. Some players have expressed that they would be just as happy ⁢if the animation​ were removed altogether.

The MW3 developers have responded to fans in the past when they felt that certain aspects of the ‍game gave an advantage to certain players. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that ​they will take into consideration the complaints about this animation and make a decision about whether or ‍not to remove it.

At this point, all fans can do is to express their opinions and wait for a response⁣ from⁤ the developers. The overall pressure may be enough ⁣to get the developers ‍to make a change and remove the animation​ in⁣ a game update in the near future.


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