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Evo 2023: Ed Boon Teases Reptile Reveal in Next Mortal Kombat Game

Evo 2023: Ed Boon Teases Reptile Reveal in Next Mortal Kombat Game

It appears that a new Mortal‍ Kombat game is in the works from series creator Ed Boon. Boon teased ​the ⁢upcoming game’s inclusion of⁤ the classic kombo fighter ⁤Reptile ⁤in a tweet yesterday, marking what appears to be the first tease of the highly anticipated Evo 2023⁢ title.

The tweet, which included a silhouetted image of Reptile, follows slightly cryptic tweets from Boon earlier this week, including one‍ that said “See You at Evo 2023”. These⁢ messages have left fans scrambling to⁤ figure out what it‍ all means, with‌ many speculating that a new Mortal Kombat game is⁢ in the works for the popular fighting game tournament.

Speculation is high, with many fans pointing⁤ to the possibility of an official announcement of the game during the Evo 2023 tournament.⁣ Boon has remained tight-lipped about the project, other than to⁤ say that Reptile is “coming back in a big way.”

While fans anxiously wait ⁣for‌ more details to emerge, one thing’s for sure:‌ the classic Mortal Kombat fighter is undoubtedly going to be a part of the next installment. We’ve‌ seen why Reptile deserves his ⁣spot in the tournament, and we’re sure that there will be plenty of surprises in store when the title is eventually released.

Until then,⁣ all we‍ can do is speculate about what’s in store, and wait impatiently for Boon’s next tweet.


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