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Apex Legends Players Slam New Promotional Trials for ‘Ruining’ the Game

Apex Legends Players Slam New Promotional Trials for ‘Ruining’ the Game

The controversial new promotional trials ⁤of Apex Legends have⁤ been ‌met with a fierce backlash, with players​ accusing the developers of “ruining”​ the game and encouraging ⁤”pay-to-win” mechanics.⁤ This is a significant controversy‍ for ⁤the popular battle royale title, which is now back ⁣in the spotlight.

The trial, which was released alongside the recent ​Legends of Kaisen expansion pack, allows players who‌ purchase a‌ £14.99 bundle⁤ to receive a variety of‍ benefits. ‌These benefits ⁤include a new character skin, double XP boosts, and exclusive crafting⁣ materials. For many players,⁢ this is‌ seen as ​encouraging a “pay-to-win” system, ⁤whereby those with ‌more​ money have an advantage over others.

Rebelling against the trial, many players have taken to forums and social ‍media, where they ⁢have voiced their anger at what ⁣they believe to be an unfair system. ​One Reddit user commented: “It’s pretty disgusting that they think this ‍is how they should reward their players for playing a‍ game‌ they enjoy. ‌This is not the sort of thing ⁢that​ should be encouraged.” Other users went further,⁣ accusing the developers of ⁤creating a “pay-to-win” mechanic and​ “ruining” the game.

In response, the developers behind Apex Legends have tried ​to ease the situation by offering players who had ⁤already⁢ purchased the​ trial a refund. However,‌ many players ‍still feel aggrieved, and ‌that the situation emphasizes the importance of⁣ developers listening to the community when introducing new in-game changes.

It remains to‌ be seen how ‍the Apex Legends community ‍will ‍react to the controversial trial, and⁤ what ‍further changes the developers will make in​ response to⁤ the outcry. ⁤For now, the issue highlights the delicate balance developers must strike when‌ incorporating micro-transactions ⁤into their gaming experiences.


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