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The Failure of “The Little Mermaid” Movie (2023)

The release of the highly anticipated film “The Little Mermaid” in 2023 was met with criticism and disappointment from both fans and critics alike. Despite the hype and anticipation surrounding the movie, it ultimately failed to live up to expectations, leaving many wondering what went wrong.

The Hype and Expectations

The original animated film, released in 1989, was a beloved classic, with its iconic soundtrack, colorful cast of characters, and heartwarming storyline. The announcement of a live-action adaptation was met with excitement and anticipation, with fans eagerly awaiting the release of the new version.

Many were drawn in by the casting of Halle Bailey, a talented actress and singer, as Ariel, the titular character. The casting of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, another beloved character in the film, further raised the hype and expectations for the film.

However, as the release date approached, it became clear that the live-action adaptation was not going to live up to the hype.

The Issues with the Storyline and Characters

One of the major issues with the film was the changes made to the original storyline and characters. While adaptations often make changes to the source material, the changes made in “The Little Mermaid” were seen as a departure from the heart and soul of the original story.

The character of Ursula, who was originally portrayed as a villainous but captivating figure, was reduced to a one-dimensional, cartoonish caricature, with none of the depth or complexity of the original character. Similarly, the character of Ariel was also stripped of much of her complexity, with none of the depth or nuance that made her such a beloved character in the original film.

The changes in the story were also a major point of contention for fans. The live-action adaptation apparently lacked the emotional depth and impact of the animated version. Furthermore, the musical numbers and lively atmosphere that made the original so beloved were absent, leaving fans feeling unsatisfied.

The Critical Reception

The negative reception from fans was amplified by the critical reviews the film received. Many critics noted that the film lacked the magic and heart of the original, with some calling it a soulless cash grab. Despite the strong performance from Halle Bailey, who was widely praised by critics, the film was seen as a disappointment.


The box office performance of the movie was also underwhelming, failing to reach its projected revenue. The failure of “The Little Mermaid” can be attributed to various factors, from the changes in the storyline and characters to the lack of originality and emotional depth. The live-action adaptation ultimately failed to capture the essence and magic of the original film, and failed to deliver a satisfying cinematic experience for fans and moviegoers.

Despite the failure of the adaptation, “The Little Mermaid” remains a beloved classic and a cherished part of many people’s childhoods. The lessons of love, sacrifice, and following your dreams, embodied in the story of Ariel and her journey, continue to inspire and resonate with audiences today. The failure of the adaptation serves as a reminder of the power and uniqueness of the original, and the importance of respecting and staying true to it when making adaptations.

In conclusion, the failure of “The Little Mermaid” movie (2023) is a cautionary tale for filmmakers and studios, a reminder of the difficulty and responsibility of adapting beloved classics. However, it should not diminish the timeless beauty and magic of the original story, which continues to live on in the hearts of millions.


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