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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Set to Bring Back Classic Action Gameplay with Budokai Tenkaichi Spirit

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is set ‍to bring back classic action gameplay to a whole new ‌level. For fans of the long-running anime series, this promises to be⁣ an exciting, nostalgic trip ⁣back to the days of Budokai Tenkaichi and…

Zero Punctuation Reviews Final Fantasy XVI: The Escapist Edition

‌ Final‍ Fantasy ⁣XVI:​ The Escapist Edition has ⁤been released, ⁢and​ with ​it ⁢comes​ a whole ⁤new​ wave ‌of excitement for the long ​running RPG series. ⁣Developed ⁢by Square Enix, the game features a‍ brand new world,⁤ new characters, and…