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BioWare Veteran Critiques Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Suggests Alternative Gameplay for Dragon Age

⁢ A Mass ⁣Effect and Dragon ​Age veteran game ⁢designer has come​ out⁢ to⁢ critique the two franchises and suggest alternative gameplay for the latter. Joshua⁤ Rubin, who has been a game designer ‍at BioWare since​ 2002, recently⁢ posted his…

Industry Veteran Stig Asmussen Departs EA and Respawn

Industry veteran Stig Asmussen ⁢has departed from Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment amid a large-scale ⁢restructuring of both specialized offices. Asmussen, a 30-year veteran in⁣ the video game industry, initially served as Respawn’s lead game designer ‍on their major…