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Epic ‘To the Moon’ RPG Coming to PC – Final Hour Announced

Rumors have long swirled that the epic‍ To the Moon RPG was slated for a PC release, and ⁤now the developers have‍ made it official: the popular role playing game will be available on computer ⁤platforms. Fans of the ‌game…

A New SaGa RPG Coming in 2024: ‘SaGa Emerald Beyond’ Releases on Multiple Platforms

SaGa Emerald‌ Beyond, the upcoming entry in‌ the long-running SaGa RPG series,⁣ will debut for multiple platforms in 2024, publisher Square Enix recently⁢ revealed. The game is set in a world filled with borders ‍between ​three humans, two beastkingdoms, ⁢one…

Indie RPG Sea of Stars to Receive Physical Edition in 2021

Indie action-adventure RPG ⁣Sea of Stars was⁤ announced to release a​ physical edition in 2021. ⁢The ‍critically-acclaimed‌ game follows two protagonists on ‍a ‌quest to‍ bring ‍light and life back to the universe‌ – a feat that won’t be easy…

Fantasy Action RPG ‘Angeline Era’ Announced for PC Release

Developer Three One Zero and publisher 505 Games have announced an exciting new action-RPG called Angeline Era. Set in a vibrant fantasy world full of strange creatures, Angeline Era is an open-world RPG with exciting combat and a unique storyline….