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Experience Thrilling Races with Gran Turismo 7’s MR2 Daily Races on GTPlanet!

Gran⁤ Turismo 7 has provided a great addition for racing game fans​ with the introduction of MR2 Daily Races on GTPlanet. It is a thrilling experience that ⁤puts you in the driver’s seat of Mazda’s legendary⁣ two-seaters, the‌ MR2. From…

Streamer Races to Victory on a Treadmill in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 players witnessed the impossible occur when Twitch streamer Waluigi_Daisy clocked in an astonishing time of 57 seconds on a treadmill to win a match. Competitors were in disbelief when they witnessed Waluigi_Daisy travel over three and half…