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Patch 13.24 Mid-Patch Update Notes for TFT Players

⁤Patch 13.24 is now available ‍for TFT players, and with it comes⁤ some important changes⁢ that should⁣ impact how you approach your⁤ team comps. Here’s a breakdown of the mid-patch update notes for Patch 13.24: Champions Nerfs Aurelion Sol: Shield…

Hearthstone Patch Notes — Update 27.2 — Now Available!

The long-awaited Hearthstone Patch Notes for Update 27.2 have⁣ been released–and they’re bursting with ‌exciting new cards and features! The latest patch introduces over ‍20 new cards, a new ‍Arena format, and a slew of balance changes. ⁣In addition, it…