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Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Return of Slide-Cancelling Mechanics

Activision has officially announced the modernized remake of its classic title, Call of‌ Duty: ​Modern Warfare 3. As ‌part of its development plan, the game‌ will feature the return of the slide-cancelling mechanics. Sliding is a maneuver that has been…

Modern Warfare 3 Artwork & Logo Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

⁣ Rumors ⁤have ⁣been circulating‌ around the​ upcoming ‍Call‌ of ‌Duty installment, Modern​ Warfare‌ 3, with leaked ⁢artwork and ⁣logo‌ surfacing⁤ weeks⁢ prior ⁤to⁤ its scheduled announcement. The⁣ artwork⁢ resembles that ⁤of the two ⁣preceding‍ installments, Modern‍ Warfare ​and Modern⁣…