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Fan Shares Heartwarming Story They Wrote as a Kid – Zelda Edition

In a heartwarming post that has since gone viral, an anonymous reader shared a story they wrote⁣ as a⁣ kid -⁣ Zelda Edition. The story was⁤ an original retelling of the tale of Link, the hero of ‍the Zelda video…

Zelda Fan Creatively Recreates Hammer Bros. Theme from Super Mario Bros. 3

A ‍Zelda Fan ⁣Recreates‍ Hammer Bros. ​Theme from Super ‍Mario ⁢Bros. 3 It takes quite​ a bit of skill ​to‍ recreate ⁢a ‌classic⁢ game ​theme from scratch, ‍so⁤ YouTube⁢ user Calamitous Matt must really⁣ be something ⁣special. As a fan…