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Overwhelmed by Armored Core 6? Do the Coolest Thing Possible – Polygon

⁢ Are ⁣you getting distracted from ‌the ‍chaos of ⁤Armored Core 6? You’re not alone. Sometimes the⁤ only way to truly step ‍away from ⁤the complexities of a game is to have some fun —‍ and that’s exactly ​what Polygon…

How ‘Armored Core 6’ Destroyed Players in Its Grueling Tutorial Boss

Many veteran players of the futuristic robot ​fighting ⁤game Armored Core 6 were caught off-guard by‍ the game’s tutorial boss, and it quickly became the greatest challenge they ⁤had ever faced ‍in the​ series. The boss had an immense health…