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A Comprehensive List: All Confirmed Tekken 8 Characters!

Overview Tekken 8 has been‌ announced and it​ looks to⁢ be the ⁤next installment in the storied fighting​ franchise. The game is expected to⁢ be‍ released sometime‍ in the near future, so‌ it’s‌ time ⁣to ⁢look⁣ at the confirmed⁢ roster⁤…

Vondel is Unparalleled: A Comprehensive Look at the Best Warzone Map Ever

Vondel has long been regarded as the single best Warzone map ever made. Developed by Infinity Ward, the map has remained a fan-favorite amongst the Warzone community for years. From its detailed architecture to its navigable design, Vondel has stood…