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2024 Preview: Can Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Put Doubters to Rest?

It’s the year 2024,‌ and ⁤what a great year for gaming it’s ⁣been. Already, Prince of⁢ Persia: The Lost Crown has​ become one of⁢ the biggest​ releases of the year, and the ⁤buzz‌ is even louder. Millions ⁢of people have…

Can Anyone Beat the Password Game? Even Its Creator Hasn’t Managed It Yet.

The Password Game is the name given to a game created by an independent software developer in Australia. It is a puzzle game unlike anything else on the market, and even the person who created it hasn’t been able to…

Can Blizzard Redeem Themselves With Diablo 4’s Seasonal Model?

The recent controversy involving Blizzard’s forced decision to suspend Hong-Kong based e-sports champion Ng Wai Chung for speaking out in favour of Hong-Kong’s current unrest during a post-match, has sparked a mass discussion of the company’s ethics and overall image….

Can Crash Bandicoot Overcome the Odds with Its New Game?

Crash Bandicoot, the iconic marsupial video game character, has been an important part of gaming culture for more than two decades. With the release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, the franchise is making its long-awaited return. Despite its…