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Steam Enables Developers to Embrace PlayStation Controller Support on Store Pages

Steam Enables Developers to Embrace PlayStation Controller Support on Store Pages

Sony is introducing⁢ a new feature that will make it easier for Steam developers to take advantage of the PlayStation controller support. ⁣The ‌new feature, released ⁤on November 10th, was announced by ‌the company on the official PlayStation blog.

The update will enable developers to add support for the DualShock 4 controller to their Steam ⁣store page. This will allow users to quickly identify and purchase games optimized for the controller, without having to look for additional‌ information. The featured image of the‍ store page will show the DualShock 4 ⁤controller, alongside other ‍featured images.}

The feature​ update also ⁢includes the ability to easily view PlayStation game sales⁢ data⁣ through the Steamworks backend, allowing developers ‍to track how their ⁢game is performing on PlayStation platforms. Sony has also promised to improve PlayStation storefront discovery by integrating the DualShock 4 controller support.

The new ⁢feature will be available on both Windows and Mac, and comes with instructions on how⁤ to enable support and activate the DualShock 4 controller.

Sony has promised to continue to make improvements to the Steam ⁢store page in the future, and plans to include more features that will facilitate ‌the buying and selling of PlayStation games.

For developers, ‍the update is⁤ sure to be a great step forward in leveraging the PlayStation controller support in their game offerings. With the inclusion of the DualShock 4 support, it’s never‌ been easier for developers to give their games the recognition they deserve.


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