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Lamplighter Devs Harebrained and Paradox “Part Ways” After Publisher Opts Out Of New Project in Same Genre

Lamplighter Devs Harebrained and Paradox “Part Ways” After Publisher Opts Out Of New Project in Same Genre

Lamplighter Devs, the partnership between developer Harebrained and publisher Paradox, has come to an end. Paradox recently announced it would not be involved in the new project in the⁢ same genre⁣ that Harebrained is exploring.

The‌ two companies have been⁣ working ‍together since 2017, when⁤ they teamed up to produce the highly successful game, “Lamplighter.” The game was a​ critical and commercial success, winning several awards.

Since then, ⁤the two ​have⁢ collaborated on a number of projects, including the “Beekeeper” series, a number of puzzle games, and a trading⁢ card game. However, with this new project, Paradox ‌felt that it could not ⁣provide the same level of support⁣ as it had⁤ in ‍the past.

In a statement, Paradox ⁣CEO Fredrik‌ Wester⁣ said: “We’ve ‍had a wonderful working relationship with both Harebrained and the team that created‍ Lamplighter. After a⁢ successful‍ run, we’ve⁣ decided to part ways and allow both teams to⁤ pursue other opportunities. We wish them both the best of luck.”

Harebrained’s CEO,⁢ Jordan Weisman, was also positive about the split, saying: “We want to thank Paradox ⁢for all their support over the years. We’ve had a great run and ⁢can’t wait ⁢to get started on our⁣ new project. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as it‍ progresses.”

The⁤ new project is said to be in a⁣ similar genre⁣ as the first Lamplighter⁣ game, but ​it is still unknown what kind of game it will be. There‍ is no word yet on when or if the new game will be released, but Harebrained is said to be hard at work on it.

Both ‌Paradox and Harebrained have ⁣been responsible for some of the most successful titles in the industry,​ and both companies have ⁣a lot of experience in the business. It will be interesting to see what Harebrained can come up with ⁢for their new game, and how the fans respond.‍

This news comes ⁤as a surprise for many, as the two ‍companies ​have had a ⁢successful relationship ⁤for years. Nevertheless, the two are⁤ going their separate ways to pursue⁤ exciting new ‌projects, and the fans will be ​sure to keep an eye on what​ each has to offer.


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