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Epic Games Rebalances Unreal Engine Pricing for Non-Gaming Developers

Epic Games Rebalances Unreal Engine Pricing for Non-Gaming Developers

Epic Games announced on Monday ‍it is reducing the cost of licensing its Unreal Engine technology for use in products outside of videogames. The company is shifting to ‍a graduated plan with pricing tiers ‍that provide up to a 75% reduction in ⁣the fees for non-gaming apps, with a free tier for organizations whose ⁤revenues or funded amounts are under the new thresholds.

Under the updated system, developers who make under ‌$1 million in apps or games using ‌the‌ Unreal Engine in the past 12 months ⁤will get a free license. Any developer making between $1 million and $10 million will pay a 5% royalty, while developers ⁣making over $10 million in products will pay ​a larger fee—10% of revenues generated by the ⁣use of the technology.

The move is‍ a significant step⁢ in a long-term effort to make Unreal​ Engine more accessible to developers who ‍use the platform for immersive experiences such as virtual reality, education and training, and architecture.

Epic Games has partnered with several major​ developers in the past year to make it easier⁢ for them to use Unreal Engine for their products. In April, Epic partnered with Autodesk to create a version of ⁣the‌ engine ⁣tailored‍ to⁣ the architecture and engineering industries, allowing users to quickly create, visualize ​and interact⁣ with 3D models and other data.

The company⁣ has also released updated versions of the engine for mixed reality​ applications and for its ⁣popular ⁣digital painting app, Quixel. In October, Epic Games announced the opening of a research lab ⁤to create the next generation of immersive experiences using Unreal Engine.

The changes made to the Unreal Engine licensing fees are an important move for the​ company, as more developers seek to take advantage of the technology. By making it easier for non-gaming⁤ developers to use the engine, Epic Games is poised to open up more opportunities for developers and expand the use of Unreal Engine.


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