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Director of Bayonetta Quits His Job for All Too Familiar Reason

Director of Bayonetta Quits His Job for All Too Familiar Reason

Legendary director Hideki​ Kamiya, director of‌ the popular 2010 action-adventure ‌Bayonetta, has announced his departure‍ from PlatinumGames‌ with the ⁣“all too familiar reason of creative differences”. Kamiya,⁣ known for his ‍creative flair in the gaming and entertainment industries, declared that his departure was due to difficulties involved in achieving the project’s goals ​and his differing views from those of the company.

The director previously worked on numerous acclaimed titles, ​including the Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and Bayonetta franchises. ‌Over his 20-year career, Kamiya has ⁣become known for working on ⁣projects with his signature style and design choices. As for this latest announcement‍ of his departure from PlatinumGames, Kamiya said that “the ⁣main ⁢difference between me‌ and the company’s views was ‌related to the project’s route and visions”.

Still, Kamiya leaves behind an‌ impressive legacy of beloved games and projects. ⁤He emphasized⁣ that the projects he had worked on since then had managed to stay true to ⁤his ‍vision and ⁤he ‌was very pleased with the outcome. This statement is⁣ still as fresh as ever, ‍considering that the most ​recent Bayonetta game was released in February‌ 2018.

Kamiya remains incredibly popular with the game‍ developer community and fans alike and his departure⁢ from PlatinumGames is sure to leave a dent in the industry. Nevertheless, Kamiya hopes to collaborate with the company again⁤ in the⁤ future and we all can hope that ‍the ⁤wheels⁢ towards future collaborations come to fruition.


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