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Cities: Skylines 2 Gets Big Performance Boost With New Patch

Cities: Skylines 2 Gets Big Performance Boost With New Patch

Developer Paradox Interactive and Publisher Curve Digital have released a‍ new update​ for their‌ popular city-builder Cities: Skylines 2 that promises to give the game a big​ performance boost. This update introduces several new options to improve overall ⁢performance, reduce stuttering, enable faster loading times, and improve⁢ the stability of the game.

To start, the update includes​ several optimization⁤ tweaks to improve the game’s overall performance. New options have been added to​ the in-game ‍options menu to enable players to turn off engine noise, which⁤ can significantly ‌reduce the⁢ game’s processing load. Players are‍ also now able to disable certain types of detail, such as tree shadows, which can​ reduce render time and ⁤improve ⁢stability.

The update also introduces ​several new features designed to‍ reduce stutter and lag. Players can now customize the degree to which the game’s hedging simulation runs at, which can be used to reduce hitching when there is heavy traffic or many residents⁤ in ⁤the city. ​Additionally, cities can now ⁢be simulated with ⁣fewer processor​ cores, which should improve⁣ performance on systems with fewer cores.

Finally, the update includes several new features that should help improve loading times. Players can now pre-load⁤ the game’s assets before they start playing, which will reduce the amount of time the game spends loading. The⁢ update also includes a new compression system for save files, which should ⁣reduce the overall⁣ size⁣ of save files ⁢and help⁤ speed‍ up loading times.

Overall, the new patch should provide a big boost to the Cities: Skylines 2 experience. With its performance optimizations and ​new features ‌designed to reduce stuttering and lag, ‍players should be able to experience the game in its best form yet. Players should take advantage of the new options to get the most out of their gaming session.


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