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AMD GPUs Get Ready for Modern Warfare 3 with Latest Driver Update

AMD GPUs Get Ready for Modern Warfare 3 with Latest Driver Update

AMD has ​recently released a driver update for their‌ GPUs that is⁤ optimized ​for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. Thanks to the ⁢driver update, PC gamers can get⁤ ready ​to enjoy⁣ the latest game in the Call​ of Duty ​franchise and reap ‍the benefits of the update’s ​performance boosts and bug fixes.

The new driver, AMD⁣ Catalyst 11.11c, provides enhanced performance for the highly-anticipated shooter, bringing improvements in ‍visual effects and textures, particularly​ in the game’s​ evening and⁤ night environments. Additionally, the driver ‍update adds ⁤support for SLI rendering as well‌ as fixing stuttering problems caused by Compute Shader⁤ enabled browsers.

This ⁣update is part of a series ⁣of GPU drivers released by‍ AMD in anticipation of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3⁣ title. The latest driver offers‌ gamers⁣ added stability‌ for online play, improved image sharpening when using‍ contrast adaptive sharpening, and ⁢optimization⁤ for both DirectX 9 and ‌DirectX 11.

With the latest driver ‍update, AMD is hoping⁢ to make Modern Warfare 3 a much ⁣smoother gaming experience​ for those who choose to play on their GPUs. As the newest Call of Duty title ⁣nears its November 8th launch, PC ‍gamers can look forward to enjoying the enhanced performance provided by AMD’s driver update.


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