Xbox Version of Quantum Error Dev Delayed for Slower SSD Performance

Xbox Version of Quantum Error Dev Delayed for Slower SSD Performance

Fans​ of the⁢ Quantum ⁣Error ‌game‌ have‌ been‍ waiting⁣ with ‌bated​ breath ‌for​ the​ long-anticipated⁣ Xbox ‌version of ​the ⁢game, but‌ their wait may ‍be ⁤in vain as​ developer Teamkill‍ Interactive⁣ has decided⁤ to⁢ delay ​release ⁤of the Xbox version due ‌to ⁣slower performance​ from​ the solid-state drive used in ⁣the ​console.

The⁢ issue​ lies with⁤ the⁤ Xbox’s ⁤SSD ⁢being⁢ slower than the other console offerings. While⁣ Teamkill‌ Interactive‌ had​ originally planned⁤ on​ releasing​ the ​Xbox version‌ of the game alongside ⁢the ‍existing versions⁣ for​ PlayStation‍ 4 and⁤ PC, they ‌are ​now ⁣faced with⁤ having to⁢ further⁣ fine-tune the ​game in order to ⁤make⁢ it run optimally on‍ the Xbox.

The⁤ news of the delay ⁢arrives⁣ soon​ after​ Quantum ⁣Error’s⁤ critically acclaimed ‍release ‍for PlayStation 4 ⁤and‍ PC. ⁤The game​ takes‍ players ⁢deep into​ the⁣ heart of an interdimensional‌ nightmare, where⁣ they must⁣ battle ​against ferocious monsters⁢ while⁣ solving puzzles⁢ and‌ uncovering hidden​ secrets.

The team behind⁤ Quantum⁢ Error had ⁤already encountered a few hiccups ⁣along the ⁣way⁤ as⁣ they‌ fine-tuned the game for the Xbox,⁣ but​ they ​weren’t expecting ‌such‍ a roadblock‍ in⁤ the‌ form of⁤ the⁤ drive’s​ slowing⁢ performance.⁢ This‍ has caused them ⁤to ⁤push back‌ the⁤ release‍ date‍ an⁢ indefinite amount of ​time as they strive to ⁤bring​ the best experience​ to ​Xbox owners.

Those⁢ who​ choose ‍to wait⁣ for the Xbox ⁢version of ⁢Quantum Error can⁣ rest assured ⁤that​ Teamkill Interactive is ​taking​ every⁤ precaution⁤ necessary⁤ to ensure​ that ‌it‌ runs ⁣perfectly⁤ on ‍the console. ‌Only⁤ after ⁣they are certain of ⁢this ‌will they set a ​new release ‌date.

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