Verstappen Tops Alonso and Hamilton in 23 Driver F1 Rating List

Verstappen Tops Alonso and Hamilton in 23 Driver F1 Rating List

A 23 driver Formula 1 rating list by renowned F1 statistician Saul Gruber revealed that Max Verstappen stands out from the pack and takes the top spot while veteran drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton come in second and third respectively.

Verstappen’s performance has been impressive this season with five podium finishes, including a surprise visit to the winner’s podium at the Mexican Grand Prix. His average points earned per race this season put him well above the competition and solidify his place at the top.

Alonso and Hamilton have had a mixed season, with both drivers having to endure a few difficult races. However, their performances in the latter half of the season have helped them remain competitive and they both ended the season with three podium visits. Both drivers have also shown strong consistency in the races.

Other drivers inside the top ten were Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastien Vettel, Nico Hulkenberg, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez. Each of these drivers have had their own successes this season, achieving good results and showing progression in their driving.

Meanwhile, a few drivers have dropped out of the top ten rankings. These include Romain Grosjean, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Esteban Ocon.

The 23 driver rating list has highlighted a number of positive performances throughout the year. However, Verstappen’s consistent points haul has been particularly impressive and has earned him the top spot in the list.

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