Ubisoft’s Chief People Officer Anika Grant to Depart Next Month

Ubisoft’s Chief People Officer Anika Grant to Depart Next Month

Ubisoft, a privately​ held video game developer and publisher of the popular Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed series, announced⁤ late last week that⁢ its Chief People Officer,⁣ Anika Grant, is set to depart the company at the end of next month. Grant joined the company in 2018 with⁤ the mission of making Ubisoft a ​more diverse and ⁣inclusive workplace.

Prior to Ubisoft, Grant was Vice President of ⁢Human Resources at ⁢the Canadian cable ⁢TV company, Shaw Communications Inc. She ​has also held leadership positions in Human⁢ Resources in the pharmaceutical, energy, and health care industries.‍

After joining the company, Grant immediately began to‌ implement initiatives to foster diversity ‍and inclusion within the ​company. During her time at⁤ Ubisoft, Grant ⁤was responsible for launching a new ​Diversity and Inclusion charter, developing a Diversity Infrastructure and ​launching⁣ a series of unconscious bias‍ training. She‌ also led a diversity‍ audit to ensure the company was ​compliant with diversity ​policies. Additionally, Grant focused on employee health and well-being with initiatives to increase mental health awareness.

Grant’s strides in diversity ⁢and inclusion ‌earned ​her numerous accolades and recognition including gaming community awards, a National Diversity Award, and more.⁣

As Grant ⁣prepares for her departure, Ubisoft has named Anadia Abreu Spies as its new Chief People Officer. Abreu Spies, who joined Ubisoft in 2019, is an‌ experienced Human Resources executive with a successful track record of global people ​program management. Abreu Spies will lead Human Resources and Diversity ​and Inclusion for Ubisoft

Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot said: “We thank Anika for her dedication and commitment during her two years at Ubisoft. We are proud of the impact​ she made and the culture change she started. We warmly‌ welcome Anadia and wish her success in leading our teams in⁤ this new chapter .”

Grant said: “I am very proud of the impact I made at Ubisoft and I am committed ​to‌ continuing ⁢to⁢ be​ an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I am confident that my team and I have laid ‍the groundwork for Ubisoft’s further‌ progress in this area.⁢ I wish Ubisoft and my successor, Anadia, the best of luck in this important journey.”

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