Ubisoft Appoints New Far Cry IP Boss

Ubisoft Appoints New Far Cry IP Boss

Ubisoft, one of the leading video game⁣ publishers, recently made a change at the senior executive level. They have appointed a new boss‌ for their Far⁢ Cry intellectual​ property (IP). The new head of‍ the Far Cry IP is ⁣Ron Lagula, who is now ‍tasked with expanding and evolving‌ the Far Cry franchise.

Ron comes ⁢with over 20 years of video ⁢game industry experience, most notably as senior ‌executive at Gearbox Software. His decisive leadership has resulted in numerous successful projects across multiple game​ genres. Ron’s expertise is expected to‍ help further grow the Far Cry⁣ IP, while‌ introducing innovative ideas to maintain its place as one of Ubisoft’s most successful game franchises.

Ubisoft has seen incredible‍ success with ⁤the‌ Far Cry series. It has sold ⁢over⁢ 55 million copies worldwide, with​ Far Cry 5 ⁣achieving the fastest-selling title in Ubisoft’s history. This puts Ron in⁢ a unique situation as he takes on the ‌challenges of continuing to push Far Cry’s success.

Yves Guillemot, CEO and co-founder of‍ Ubisoft, expressed his confidence in ‍the new Far Cry IP ⁤boss:

“Ron Lagula’s passion for interactive entertainment ⁤and his impressive track record of managing complex projects makes him a perfect fit for this role,” ⁢he said. “We⁣ are confident ⁢that the Far Cry franchise will continue⁤ to​ be one of our most successful ⁤and‌ beloved ‌IPs with much more ‍to come.”

The position of head of⁢ Far‍ Cry IP has previously been⁣ filled by Fabrice Condomi, who moved ⁣on to ⁢oversee the development of Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

Ubisoft is​ continuing to show ‍their commitment⁢ to the ​Far Cry franchise, as well as bringing experienced game developers into their senior executive ranks.⁤ With the new addition⁢ of Ron Lagula, Ubisoft hopes to continue to build on the success‍ of the Far Cry series, while​ gradually introducing changes and innovations to the beloved IP.

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