TSM Departs League of Legends Pro League as Shopify Takes Over

TSM Departs League of Legends Pro League as Shopify Takes Over

The end of⁢ an era is ​near. After 5 years of running their own League⁣ of Legends team, TSM announced ⁢that their contract with ​the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) had⁢ expired. As a result, their team, the LCS Legends, will not be continuing in the 2021 ⁢season.

TSM, an esports ⁢organization primarily known for⁢ its North American League‍ of Legends squad, made the announcement after competing in ⁣five consecutive splits of the ​LPL‌ since 2016. In their farewell post, TSM expressed their gratitude for the support that their team ‌had received throughout their time competing in the LPL.

It didn’t⁤ take long for ‌a new partner to step in and take up ‍the slack‌ that TSM left behind. Canadian e-commerce‌ platform Shopify announced that they would be entering the world of competitive‌ League of Legends by fielding a team in the 2021 LPL season. This marks Shopify’s first foray into the esports scene; the organization is no stranger​ to ‍the world of competitive gaming, ‍having already sponsored ‌many prominent esports players and personalities.

Shopify’s‌ move also solidifies the LPL’s status as a premier League of Legends competition. With the addition​ of Shopify’s team,⁢ the 2021 season of the LPL is sure to be one of the most exciting and competitive‍ yet. Fans of‌ the franchise can look forward to watching their favorite⁣ teams ⁢battle ⁣it out for the championship.

While the⁣ LCS Legends’ departure is bittersweet, the future looks bright for the League of Legends Pro League and Shopify’s ‌debut in the‌ competitive gaming world. Fans of the game will be eager to ​tune in and see what is in ‌store for the upcoming 2021 season.

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