The Last Faith: Gothic Metroidvania Gets Release Date with New Trailer

The Last Faith: Gothic Metroidvania Gets Release Date with New Trailer

A much-anticipated 2D side-scrolling adventure game from developers LOYAC, ​The Last Faith, has officially announced a release date alongside a new⁢ trailer. This will⁢ mark the official debut of a brand new take on the classic Gothic Metroidvania game genre. It is expected ⁢to launch on March 31st, 2021 for PC.

This highly ⁣anticipated game brings together two completely​ different but⁣ also beloved genres. Combining classic action-adventure elements with classic horror elements, The Last Faith puts players in the shoes of a young orphan girl named Faith. She is on a mission to find her parents and‌ solve the mystery of a cursed land and‌ its dark secrets that have been left⁣ uncovered for centuries.

Players will explore a world of darkness tempered by light, exploring​ lush environments with non-linear level design and uncovering various secrets scattered across the‍ world. As Faith embarks on her journey, she must ⁤use all the ‍skills and abilities she has gained along the way ​to defeat the powerful enemies in her way. This includes combat, platforming, exploration and gathering resources. There‌ will also be a distinct boss battle in⁢ each region.

The new trailer for The Last Faith reveals the beautiful environments and the various challenging monsters players will have​ to go up against. ​It also reveals the protagonist’s ability to use weapons like swords and daggers ‌to take on ⁢enemies and the time-manipulation mechanic. This enables Faith to pause the game and take a closer look at her environment to plan her next moves.

Fans of Oculus ​today can pre-order a special edition of The Last Faith that includes an Ultra-HD projector display and an exclusive content package. The Last Faith is also available for pre-order on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One,‌ and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD .

The Last Faith ⁣is expected to deliver an ambitious game packed with nostalgic and unique features from both genres, making for an interesting mix. Fans of the Metroidvania genre can mark their calendars for March 31st, 2021, and wait for the release ‌of The Last Faith.

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