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Street Fighter 6: Is a Reset of Online Rankings on the Horizon?

The Street Fighter franchise has been a revolutionary and iconic fighting game series since Street Fighter II (1991) popularized the genre. With the release of Street Fighter 6, however, players are questioning whether a reset of online rankings is needed….

Relive Capcom’s Iconic ‘Street Fighter II’ in Browser for 40th Anniversary!

As the 40th anniversary of Capcom’s iconic Street Fighter II draws near, the company is letting gamers relive the beloved classic in their browsers. To commemorate the series’ four-decade long history, Capcom has launched a free browser game. Street Fighter…

Strange Crossover: Street Fighter 6 Breaks the Game’s Own Rules

Street Fighter 6, the latest installment in the long-running fighting game series, has shaken up the world of competitive gaming by breaking its own rules. As most fighting game fans know, Street Fighter games have always been about grinding out…

Street Fighter 6 Achieves Famitsu 40 Title – Second Game In A Month To Earn Coveted Ranking

The long-awaited release of the sixth edition of the ever-popular Street Fighter franchise has now achieved the Famitsu “40” title, becoming the second game in a month to gain this highly-coveted ranking. Street Fighter 6 has been in the works…