Sunset Map Verified: Valorant Launches New Map, Detailing Layout and Release Date

Sunset Map Verified: Valorant Launches New Map, Detailing Layout and Release Date

Valorant, the upcoming team-based tactical shooter, has officially released one of⁤ its most eagerly anticipated updates. The Sunset Map, first announced months ago, is now available to the public, and players can join in on the action.

Around the same‌ that the⁢ developer,⁤ Riot Games, announced its new tactical shooter,⁢ Valorant, they revealed the Sunset Map, which would be ​the main battle arena for players to fight in. After months of anticipation, the detailed map and its release date have finally been made available.

The map ‌is set in a sprawling cityscape, with its own distinct‍ art style ⁤and look. At ⁤the center of the map is the‌ famed ‘Sunset Tower’, which offers‍ plenty of opportunities for both defensive and offensive strategies. The streets are defined by large, expressive‍ structures, which provide for strategic highs and ⁢lows, as your agent moves from point to point. Aside ‌from the tower, you’ll find two additional buildings that⁤ offer multiple levels and pathways.

As expected, there are points of interaction scattered around the map for players to make use of. Movement‍ is fluid, and you can use all the verticality and angles to your advantage. From quickly accessing the higher ground​ to numerour vantage points to set up with, the map has⁣ been‍ designed to keep ‌you engaged and on your​ toes.

Apart from the map layout, Valorant’s developers have also announced the map’s release date. Sunset will‌ enter the battle on June 8, 2021, so the countdown begins!

As you count down the days to its ⁣launch, you can check out the official YouTube video, released ⁢by Riot Games, showcasing the layout and the artwork that awaits you.

So gear ⁤up your agents and get⁣ ready to explore the vibrant, vast world that Valorant has to ​offer with the release of Sunset Map!

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