Streamer Races to Victory on a Treadmill in Street Fighter 6

Streamer Races to Victory on a Treadmill in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 players witnessed the impossible occur when Twitch streamer Waluigi_Daisy clocked in an astonishing time of 57 seconds on a treadmill to win a match. Competitors were in disbelief when they witnessed Waluigi_Daisy travel over three and half miles in less than a minute in what was the fastest Street Fighter match yet seen.

In Street Fighter 6, characters were racing towards an end goal, but instead of running on foot, Waluigi_Daisy sought to use a treadmill to help them achieve their goal faster. Since the release of the game, no one had seen a player use a treadmill to win a match before. Not only did Daisy prove that a treadmill could be used to win a match, but that it could be used to do it in record time.

Waluigi_Daisy used a variety of techniques to beat their opponents and complete the course in record time while also adapting their strategy based on the track structure. They used quick turns when needed and stayed in a low center of gravity throughout the race. They also used the speed boost from the treadmill to maximize their speed.

The Twitch streamer ran a total of three and half miles in 57 seconds, leaving fellow players awestruck and baffled by how quickly they’d managed to complete the course. Additionally, Waluigi_Daisy was able to effectively move around the track, steering their character aesthetically around each corner with haste and precision. On top of that, the streamer kept their cool through the chaos, focusing on their character, course, and competition more than the other intangible variables.

At the end of it all, Waluigi_Daisy emerged victorious, proving that diligence and skill can pay off in Street Fighter 6, and leaving other players inspired as to what is possible. It’s safe to say that other competitors will soon look to employ the same strategy while playing on the treadmill.

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