Replay: Examining if the Original Assassin’s Creed Ages Well

Replay: Examining if the Original Assassin’s Creed Ages Well

⁢ The original Assassin’s Creed‌ came out in 2007, ​so how well does this⁣ game hold up in 2021? On its release, Assassin’s Creed was a​ revolutionary game that incorporated multiple ⁤themes and styles all into one game, making for an⁢ interesting ​and immersive experience.

The⁤ story, while simplistic, has an interesting concept blended with a⁢ subtle but fun and engaging narrative. Players play as Desmond Miles as he discovers his⁢ ancestors and their millennia-spanning struggle‍ against the ‌templars. The game does ‌a great job of building a thrilling atmosphere and using it to its greatest effect.

The ⁤game ‍also had an expansive⁤ open-world to explore, with much of it to discover, whether that be‍ exploring every nook and cranny in-game or ⁢completing‍ all the‌ side-missions the game⁣ had to offer. The cities⁣ were also very well-crafted, with an overall believable atmosphere.⁣ And considering ⁣that the gameplay mechanics seemed‍ quite simple at the ​time, Assassin’s Creed stood out for its tactical and somewhat realistic approach.

The soundtrack is ​also something that stands out in this‌ game. The music‌ is ethereal and almost haunting; it creates a great‌ ambience. The graphics also ⁢hold ⁣up well, especially considering it was released ‍more than a decade ago.

Overall, the original Assassin’s Creed is still ⁤very enjoyable, with its great atmosphere, ⁤well-developed story, and ⁢interesting gameplay. It has definitely ​aged well since its release ​in 2007, and ⁤there ‍are still plenty ⁢of people playing and enjoying it to this day.

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