Relive Capcom’s Iconic ‘Street Fighter II’ in Browser for 40th Anniversary!

Relive Capcom’s Iconic ‘Street Fighter II’ in Browser for 40th Anniversary!

As the 40th anniversary of Capcom’s iconic Street Fighter II draws near, the company is letting gamers relive the beloved classic in their browsers. To commemorate the series’ four-decade long history, Capcom has launched a free browser game.

Street Fighter II: Browser Edition is faithful to the original 1991 classic, allowing gamers to step back into the nostalgia-filled world with their favorite characters. The game features the same 8 selectable characters from the Real Battle and Tournament Battle Modes, as well as the full selection of items for each battle. It also includes the classic soundtracks from Street Fighter II.

The game is designed to run on recent web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. It also supports multi-player gaming, allowing up to four players to battle against each other online. For gamers who want to perfect their Street Fighter II skills, the browser game also includes a Practice Mode which allows players to hone their technique before facing off against others online.

The browser edition of Street Fighter II is fully optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows gamers to easily take the game on-the-go and battle against friends anywhere, anytime. However, despite the game’s mobile optimizations, it is best experienced and enjoyed on desktop and laptops.

Street Fighter II: Browser Edition is Capcom’s way of celebrating the series’ 40th anniversary. It gives players the chance to relive the classic gaming moments in a browser and pick up where they left off four decades ago.

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