Red Dead Redemption 2 Super-Sizes Its Bandit Missions With 48 New Additions

Red Dead Redemption 2 Super-Sizes Its Bandit Missions With 48 New Additions

Players of Red Dead Redemption 2 have something new to look forward to. Rockstar Games, in its continuing process of supporting their open world Western epic, has just dropped an update with 48 new bandit missions. Gamers have long clamored for fresh content in the form of missions and side activities, and this update offers exactly that.

The new bandit missions take shape in a variety of exciting ways. There are Survival Missions, Shootouts, Bounty Hunts, Posse Races, and a brand-new co-op challenge called the “Fistful of Oilers”. Survival Missions send you out into the wild to fight off a series of waves of enemies, while Shootouts are one-on-one duels that involve choosing your weapon and proving your skill. Bounty hunts will have you tracking and capturing wanted criminals, while Posse Races put your speed and agility to the test. The Fistful of Oilers co-op challenge is an intense Western shootout that has you and a posse fighting off waves of AI-controlled enemies to try to grab the most loot in the fastest time.

These new additions fit directly within the game’s core mechanics, as the bandit missions can be accessed in the world much like any other activity. You can either launch a mission from one of the main outposts or in the online lobby. And it’s not just one type of mission, either; the sheer variety of tasks ensures that you’ll never be bored. As an added bonus, completing any of the new challenge will net you XP and various in-game rewards.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of the update, Rockstar spoke of their “ongoing commitment to further improve and enhance the Red Dead Redemption 2 experience.” This commitment is certainly evident in the plethora of updates that have come out since the game’s launch, and most definitely so in this latest addition. With 48 brand new bandit missions, players have the chance to not only test their skills and hand-eye coordination in exciting ways, but to also earn valuable rewards along the way.

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