Pro ‘Mortal Kombat’ Tournament Disallows Sindel Exploit

Pro ‘Mortal Kombat’ Tournament Disallows Sindel Exploit

Organizers ‌of the International Pro⁣ ‘Mortal Kombat’ tournament⁤ recently announced that Sindel exploit will not be allowed. ⁢According to a press⁢ release from the organizing ‌committee, the exploit⁢ has been banned ⁢in order to preserve the​ integrity of the ⁢tournament.

The Sindel exploit, which has ⁣been used‌ by competitors in the past, involves⁣ the character’s special move ‘Scream of Pain’, which ⁣can be used to instantly knock out opponents. ‌It is considered to be an ‍unfair advantage, ⁣and its removal from⁣ the competition ‍will be seen as a‍ positive change​ by many fans and players.

The tournament organizers also noted that players found using the exploit will be immediately disqualified, ‍and any winnings they have acquired will ‌be forfeited. This is‌ in order to⁢ maintain a level playing field for all competitors.

The International Pro ⁤’Mortal Kombat’ tournament‍ is one of the most competitive events in the​ fighting game‍ community. ⁢This decision by the organizers further shows​ their commitment to⁣ the rules and ⁤regulations of⁣ the tournament, ‌and their dedication to creating an ⁤equitable gaming experience for all ⁣participants.

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