PR Balrog Unleashes Juri Matchup Chart For Street Fighter 6

PR Balrog Unleashes Juri Matchup Chart For Street Fighter 6

On March 18th,‌ professional​ Street Fighter player and ‍commentator ⁣PR Balrog released his latest matchup chart for Juri in Street Fighter 6.⁤ The chart​ compares Juri’s matchups with every other Street Fighter 6 character, based on her playstyle and execution.

Balrog‍ explains in his video that Juri‌ is an aggressive and⁤ tricky ⁤character, ⁣with many ⁢very positive⁢ matchups. He goes on to say that ⁤her worst matchups are​ against characters with⁣ large counter hit ranges, ‍such as Ryu and Karin. He also notes that in general, Juri shines ‍against zoning and⁢ fireball characters.

The PR Balrog Juri Matchup Chart highlights the strengths and weaknesses of ‌Juri in Street Fighter 6. The chart ⁢is based ⁢on the opinions⁤ and knowledge of‍ PR ⁢Balrog and his associates, and should be taken as a general⁢ guideline rather than an absolute truth. The ⁤chart is broken down by matchup type ‌and categorizes each matchup as either positive, neutral, or negative.

The⁤ chart ​was released in order to ‌help players of all skill levels improve their game and⁣ Juri play. Upon ‍the release of the chart, Balrog stated: “This chart outlines recommendations for ⁤what you should and should not be doing in‍ every matchup with Juri. It’s not ⁣just about‌ wins; it’s about ‌being equipped with the correct strategy ⁤for each⁤ situation.”

In the end, the main⁢ objective is to​ give players an accurate representation of⁣ Juri’s matchups ‍in Street Fighter 6 and to ‍provide useful tips for better Juri play. ‌While​ the chart may not be perfect, Balrog​ has based it off of his ⁢and his associate’s experiences with⁣ the character. As Street Fighter 6 ⁤continues to grow and evolve, the chart will likely⁢ change⁤ as well.

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