Play-to-Earn Policy Updates Revive ‘Gods Unchained’ on Epic Games Store

Play-to-Earn Policy Updates Revive ‘Gods Unchained’ on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is Reviving its Play-to-Earn Policy for ‘Gods Unchained’

After nearly a month of ‍revamping‍ their policies, the ‍Epic Games team ⁤is taking up⁤ their popular play-to-earn concept for Gods Unchained. ‍This⁣ program allows players to acquire exclusive in-game cards and cosmetic items for‍ their characters by playing and winning games against other players.

“We’re bringing back our play-to-earn program⁣ with Gods Unchained on Epic Games Store,” said CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney. “Gods Unchained is a great example of⁣ how an innovative game can use our platform to create a unique play-to-earn experience. This is something we​ believe can help foster an entire ecosystem of games⁤ built ⁤on similar structures.”

This‍ return of the play-to-earn ⁢system will address ‍some of the criticisms that were⁤ aimed at Epic Games earlier this year when the company delayed its launch of⁢ the program. The delay forced many‌ developers ‌to find alternate sources ‍of revenue.

Instead of relying on traditional payment‍ models, the‌ game allows ​players to acquire new ​cards and ‍cosmetics by playing the game and accumulating⁢ rewards. This ⁢concept has been pioneered in recent years by digital⁣ collectible ​games such as CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained.

This move also serves⁤ as a test of sorts for the Epic Games Store and its ability to support ⁤other ⁤types of⁣ monetization strategies. If the experiment is successful, it could potentially open ‍the ⁣door for other game‌ developers to incorporate similar monetization strategies into their games.

While the revival of the⁢ play-to-earn policy⁢ is likely to please some long time players of Gods Unchained, others are concerned it could lead to some gamers exploiting the ‌system for​ easy rewards.‍ This ⁤could potentially create a competitive environment where some⁤ gamers gain ‍an⁤ advantage​ over others.

Whatever​ the outcome, it should be an interesting experiment for Epic Games to see how their new policy works out. As Sweeney said, Epic hopes that this revival of‍ the​ play-to-earn policy will⁢ help​ foster⁣ a whole new ecosystem of games based on similar revenue​ models.

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