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Nintendo Removes Accused ‘The Last of Us’ Clone from eShop Following Copyright Claim

Nintendo Removes Accused ‘The Last of Us’ Clone from eShop Following Copyright Claim

Nintendo has removed an eShop game from its digital store following a⁤ copyright​ claim and accusations that⁣ the game was ‌a ⁤clone of Naughty Dog’s The Last of⁢ Us.

The game in question is Raging Loop, a visual novel published on ‍the​ Nintendo Switch by publisher‍ PQube. It was compared to ‍ The Last ‌of Us by several people on social ⁣media, mostly due to its zombie-like enemies,‍ post-apocalyptic setting,⁣ and⁤ its story about survival⁤ and⁤ choices – all of which are ​core components of Naughty Dog’s game.

What Happened?

Naughty Dog filed a⁢ copyright ‌dispute with Nintendo in response to the backlash, alleging that Raging Loop contained stolen assets and copied a majority of the game’s narrative elements. Nintendo ‍then removed⁣ the game from the⁢ eShop, and PQube issued an apology and promised to “investigate​ and ‍address the concerns that ‍have​ been raised”.

What Now?

PQube⁢ has yet to comment on ⁢the status of the game, though ‍it appears that they are still ​investigating the claims and working out a​ solution with‍ Naughty Dog ⁢and Nintendo. It’s uncertain when the game will return to the eShop, ⁣but in the meantime PQube has pulled all ⁤promotional materials ⁣for the game and removed ​it from their website.


The removal of Raging Loop from the ⁣eShop is a large blow to PQube and ‍the game’s developers, but⁤ hopefully they can ⁣work out a solution with​ Naughty Dog and Nintendo soon so that ⁢the game can be made available again. Unless more information comes to light, it is ⁤likely that the dispute over its‌ similarities to The Last of Us ​will remain unresolved.


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