Modern Warfare 2 Community Divided Over “Lazy” Intervention Audio Bundle

Modern Warfare 2 Community Divided Over “Lazy” Intervention Audio Bundle

The Modern ⁢Warfare ‍2 community is‌ divided over the ​recently released audio bundle for the shooter game. Players are‌ calling it ​lazy, as the bundle does not feature ⁣any ⁢new game content or features.

The⁢ bundle, dubbed the “Intervention Audio Bundle”‌ first‍ appeared on‍ the Xbox Marketplace⁣ this ‍week, and⁣ it ⁣is an audio⁤ package featuring various‍ sound elements from different weapon‌ systems present in‍ the original Call ⁣of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game.⁣ The bundle ⁣is designed to‌ recreate the battlefield sounds of the popular shooter, and it costs only $2.99.

While some players view this bundle as a great way ⁣to customize their gaming experience, others have taken⁢ to social‌ media ​to criticize the offering. They argue ⁤that the bundle‌ does not⁤ offer‍ any meaningful ‍new‍ content or features to the game, ‌and is simply a way of capitalizing ‍on‌ the franchise’s popularity. Some have even ​gone as far as to call it a “lazy” release.

The main‌ criticism is that ⁢the ‍bundle does not provide an immersive‍ experience or anything that brings ⁣something new⁢ to ‍the⁤ game. Even though the sound elements are from the game, the⁣ ability to customize⁣ your‌ setup ⁢is limited. Furthermore, the audio elements⁤ are not drastically different⁢ than the ‌ones ‌in the original game.

Players also feel that the cost of⁢ the bundle is too high for the content it provides. Considering you can ‌get⁤ soundtracks‍ from other games for free or for a much lower price, the view is that the Intervention Audio Bundle ⁢is not worth it.

The controversy has prompted Activision to respond, saying that‍ the bundle “was designed to allow fans to personalize and enhance their Modern Warfare experience with ‍custom audio”. They also said that the bundle was designed for the vast majority of ‌players who were looking for a ⁤way to customize their gaming experience.

The overall opinion of the Modern Warfare 2 community‍ is that ​the Intervention Audio Bundle is not worth the cost. It may appeal to a‌ minority of players, but most ‌view it as⁣ nothing more than a lazy attempt at capitalizing on the franchise’s popularity.

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