Mobile Legends Bang Bang Patch 1.8.20 is Biggest Yet: New Hero and More – Softonic EN

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Patch 1.8.20 is Biggest Yet: New Hero and More – Softonic EN

Mobile Legends: Bang ​Bang⁤ has seen one of its biggest⁤ updates yet with Patch 1.8.20 released today. The patch brings‌ a trove​ of new content,⁣ including a new⁤ hero, a revamped version ⁢of an​ old hero,⁤ updated⁤ maps, a new game mode, and⁣ changes to the balance system. While many changes are expected to improve the balance of the game, this update could prove to be the‌ biggest one yet for⁢ the popular ​mobile online battle arena.

The new hero added to the ⁣game is Bowang, a Nature-themed ⁣assassin. Bowang is an agile fighter, capable of quickly moving across the battlefield and dealing heavy damage to enemies.‍ She ⁣specializes in ​binding opponents⁢ with vines and applying crowd control effects. Bowang is ⁢available in the Moonton Store and is sure to be a ⁤popular pick when it comes to ​drafting the ​right hero for your team.

Alice, a fan favorite ⁣since her introduction in Patch 1.4, has also​ been revamped in this patch. She receives several‍ buffs ⁢to her abilities,‍ as well as a new ultimate that is designed to​ give her even ⁤more offensive power in battle. Alice’s new ultimate warns enemies of attackers,⁢ essentially allowing her to set up traps ⁣in the heat of battle.

The new game ⁣mode, Team Mode ⁣Rumble,‍ is designed to encourage ⁤team-play between players. The mode ‍is ⁤split into two groups,​ each ‍with five ⁣players. Each group must collect enough score ‍to defeat the opposing team by capturing flags and eliminating enemy​ players. ⁣The ⁤team that collects the most score in the limited time given is ⁤the winner.

To balance the current ‍meta,⁢ some nerfs and buffs to various heroes have​ been added in Patch 1.8.20. This patch also brings some updates to the maps; some⁢ areas ​have been adjusted ⁣in size or ⁢difficulty, while others have been completely overhauled.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to⁣ be a popular title for mobile gamers, and this patch‍ brings a slew of ⁤new content to the game. New and ⁣old players ⁢alike will have plenty‌ to explore‌ and enjoy in this update, and hopefully, this patch will⁣ help the‍ title‌ reach new ‌heights ​of popularity.

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