Mini Steps Down as Fnatic’s Valorant Head Coach

Mini Steps Down as Fnatic’s Valorant Head Coach

Fnatic’s⁤ VALORANT⁣ head coach Mini has stepped down from his position as ⁤he announces his farewell to the organization via a statement on his Twitter. Mini’s month long​ journey with Fnatic has come to an abrupt pause, as April 2021 ‌came without an extension ‌to the contract. ⁢Though the⁢ announcement has not been⁢ made by Fnatic, a goodbye statement by Mini does leave‌ no doubt that his time with the⁤ team is⁤ up.

Mini’s rise ⁢through the VALORANT⁣ scene has been swift, as he quickly became a core part ⁤of Fnatic’s roster. He was‌ also an instrumental figure⁢ in their recent victory at the WeSave! Charity Play which‌ saw ‌them walk away‌ with the title. Being the former head coach of the ⁣former i-League CS:GO team, Kiev ​Six, ⁢Mini’s coaching experience ​seemed to help bridge the gap between ‍the esports giant and ⁣the‌ newly introduced VALORANT roster.

Fnatic’s ​VALORANT roster is now left looking for a head coach after Mini departs. The​ loss of​ the experienced coach could potentially leave a big hole in Fnatic’s roster from which it could take some time​ for them to recover. It is all but certain that Fnatic will be looking ‌to fill the spot with a new head coach sooner ​rather than later.

Mini’s departure has left a ⁢sound of shock and disbelief ​ringing in the ears of VALORANT fans. There were many⁣ included⁤ in the‍ community that found the synergy between‌ Mini ​and‍ Fnatic to be a match made in heaven. Now that his⁤ journey with the team has ended, the void left behind can only be filled by someone else who is capable of leading Fnatic’s VALORANT team to success.

It is yet to be ⁢seen who will join Fnatic now ‍that Mini has departed. Here’s to wishing Mini the ⁣best of luck in​ his future endeavours.

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