Meet the Rock’s ‘Military Vet’ Cousin in ‘Call of Duty’!

Meet the Rock’s ‘Military Vet’ Cousin in ‘Call of Duty’!

The​ popular military-style video game series Call of Duty is known for its vast⁢ selection of exciting characters and settings, and now it has ⁤added a‍ very special one to the⁣ mix. Meet Willard‍ “Will” Rockson – a military veteran’s cousin​ and ​the ‌latest addition to the game’s playable characters.

Willard was born in a small⁣ rural town in Arizona and served three years in the US⁤ Marine Corps before returning home to his family. Upon returning, Willard joined the fictional Ghost Wolves ⁢organization, one of the elite⁢ special⁣ forces units‌ in ​the game,⁣ where he trained as a ⁣Ranger and received tactical combat training.

He is described in the game as “‌ incredibly ⁣focused ⁣soldier ​with a passion for serving and protecting his country” and “…a no-nonsense ‍individual who exhibits all the qualities of a ‌hero.” He has a great sense of humor and an incredible power of observation, as well as a deep sense of‍ loyalty ​and respect‍ for his ⁢team members.

Willard is ⁤an⁤ adept marksman and an expert in close-quarter combat.⁤ He is a highly-motivated soldier who takes his mission very ⁣seriously and is⁢ willing to put his life⁢ in the line to defend his country from the forces of evil.

With ​his‌ unique⁢ character ​and skills, Willard brings an important element of realism to the game. He will certainly make an⁤ important contribution to‌ the fight, and for that, ⁤the entire ⁤gaming ⁣community salutes him!

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