Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Completed in Record Time by Gamer

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Completed in Record Time by Gamer

Gamer “Lokiman” has set another record as he ‌completes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in record ⁢time.​ Lokiman was able to complete the game in 1:52:22, shaving off more than a minute from the last known speedrun record. The game ⁢was completed on Playstation 4.

Speedrunning, as ⁢its known, is a competition made‌ by enthusiastic gamers to⁣ finish a game as quickly as‌ possible. Each run is meticulously timed to the nearest fraction of a second. To ​speedrun a game, players look at every ‌level and aspect of the game to optimize their strategies in order to shave ⁤as much time as possible.

For anyone who want to take a look at Lokiman’s world record setting ⁣run, he has posted ​a full playthrough of it on Youtube.‌ It shows how well-executed each segment of his run was, including finding secret routes ⁢and unlocking obscure characters.

Critics have been⁣ highly enthusiastic about the run, calling it one of the cleanest speedruns in recent memory and‌ offering well-deserved praise for Lokiman.⁤ Fans of ‌Marvel’s Spider-Man ‍2 are also ⁢delighted with the new record, ​and many have already set their sights on beating it.

It’s always impressive⁣ to watch a master speedrunner⁤ reach their goal, and it looks like Lokiman’s world record run of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will stand the test of time. No matter who attempts to take ⁣on⁤ this legendary ‍speedrun, will they be able to improve on Lokiman’s record? Only time will‌ tell.

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