Liquid’s Newest LCS Rookie Shines in Debut Week with Two Flawless Games

Liquid’s Newest LCS Rookie Shines in Debut Week with Two Flawless Games

One of League of Legends’ oldest and most respected organizations, Team Liquid, has recently achieved a new milestone with their newest LCS Rookie shine in debut week for the first half of the year – two totally flawless games.

It all began on January 18th, when incumbent liquid Midlaner Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong decided to take an indefinite leave to focus on his health and individual play. In response, Liquid signed Taichi “Capy” Tashiro as a substitute; a 19-year-old whose only professional career experience was in the LJL, Japan’s League of Legends Professional League.

The first tournament for Team Liquid with rookie Capy included two showdowns against Team Solomid and 100 Thieves. Despite his inexperience, Capy was able to lead Team Liquid’s midlane with an extremely impressive performance, earning him the praise and attention of the LCS audience for both of Liquid’s victories.

Capy’s impressive K/D/A in his first two games was only matched by the star players of each team. His amazing laning, decision making, and solo plays made it apparent that Liquid made the right choice in picking him for their roster. This was especially remarkable when his first opponents were Team Solomid and 100 Thieves, teams in the top four of the standings.

However, it was not only the two LCS games that carried Capy’s debut week. On January 20th, Capy was also a substitute for Liquid in the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 tournament. Playing against HC Eridani, Capy helped Liquid close out the game in quick fashion with a 2/1/3 K/D/A in just 18 minutes of game time. This incredible performance made it clear that Capy was not just a great player, but a possible championship contender in the LCS as well.

Capy’s debut week has left all of North America wondering how far he can take Liquid in the remaining half of the LCS season. With the amazing performances from Liquid’s other players, especially Alphari, Liquid has some of the best talent in the league. Capy’s impressive play style can help Team Liquid become the best team in the LCS if they can capitalize on his potential and continue to play with him this year.

It is clear that Team Liquid’s pickup of rookie Capy was the perfect decision and his debut week has showcased just how powerful he can be. It will be exciting to watch how Liquid’s new midlaner continues to perform and help the team to victory in the remaining LCS summer split.

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