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Leaked Names and Prices for New Animal Crossing LEGO Theme Revealed

Leaked Names and Prices for New Animal Crossing LEGO Theme Revealed

Fans of Nintendo’s​ Animal Crossing series were sent into frenzy with the recent announcement from LEGO of a ​new themed set. Early reports suggested the set would contain several ⁣characters including Tom Nook and Isabelle. Now that information has been confirmed with new ‌details emerging that show the names of the sets, their prices, and more.

This new⁢ line of LEGO sets will be known as “Swamp Animals Island” and is expected to be released in June 2021. The first set on the ‍list⁣ is “Kicked From Home” and will⁢ feature Tom Nook and Isabelle and retail at $19.99.

Next is “Animal Crossing Welcome Center” and will include Tom Nook, Isabelle, two grasshopper minifigures, and a felt piano. It will cost $29.99.

The third set is called “Animal Crossing Fishing Camp” and includes ⁣Tom Nook, Isabell, two fish minifigures, and a small wooden boat. This set will cost $59.99.

The final set‍ is the “Animal Crossing Island Paradise” and includes Tom Nook,⁤ Isabelle, one polar bear ⁢minifigure, and a beach. This set will cost $99.99.

It’s worth noting ​that LEGO​ also released a teaser image of a Bobcat minifigure, suggesting that LEGO may have plans to expand the line further down the line.

Animal Crossing fans will have a lot to look forward to‍ with this new LEGO line. It’s sure to be a popular one with collectors ‍and players ​alike. With the prices and sets​ now revealed, we can​ expect to see these on store shelves soon!


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