Leadership Shakeup at Six to Start: CEO and Founder Adrian Hon among Departures

Leadership Shakeup at Six to Start: CEO and Founder Adrian Hon among Departures

Recently, British video game studio Six to Start has seen some ​major shakeups with its leadership, with ‍CEO and Founder Adrian Hon among those⁣ who have left the company. This comes as a surprise to some, particularly since the company saw considerable success with their projects, including “Zombies, Run!”, “The Walk”, and most recently their developing the critically acclaimed Videri game app.

“The Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to restructure our leadership team,” ⁢says the Board‍ Chairperson, Zhana Ymaurova,‌ in a n email sent to the company’s staff. “We wanted ⁤to create an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s contributions are ⁤acknowledged and appreciated.”

The two largest roles to be vacated are, of course, the role of CEO, which was held by Adrian Hon, and the role of ‍Head of Product & Design, which has been ⁢filled by Sushma Waters. In addition, Bill Mason, Chief Financial Officer, has been relieved ⁤of his duties.

While these ⁤changes were‍ sudden and unexpected, no explanation other than the one stated by ⁢the Board ​has been given. In a joint statement, Hon and Waters said, “We believe that our departures from Six to Start have come at the right time for us to pursue the next ⁢stages in ⁤our respective ⁢careers. We’ve enjoyed our time at Six to Start and are sorry to leave it behind.”

While it’s unclear how this‍ shakeup will affect Six to Start’s existing projects and future prospects, the ⁣company seems to‌ be optimistic about the future. The Board ⁤Chairperson concluded⁤ the email with, ​“We are confident that the changes we have ⁣made will lead to an even more successful future for the company.”

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