Inti Creates Unveils ‘Gunvolt Records Chronicle’ for Nintendo Switch

Inti Creates Unveils ‘Gunvolt Records Chronicle’ for Nintendo Switch

Video game developer ​Inti Creates is once again⁢ here with an announcement of a new game for the Nintendo Switch. This time, they’re unveiling Gunvolt Records Chronicle! This game is⁢ a compilation of both the classic Azure Striker Gunvolt and its sequel, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

The games⁣ contain traditional 2D action platforming, challenging boss fights, and Megaman-style‌ stages. You can choose between two different protagonists, Gunvolt and Copen. Your goal is to defeat the evil forces of⁤ a big company that is manipulating the world.

The game includes new features such as ‌two-player​ mode, new characters, and even revised versions of both games. Aside from that, there will be a new set of⁤ challenges to get through, and the processing speed⁢ has been improved.

Aside from the Switch version, the game will also be available on PlayStation ⁤4, Xbox One, and PC. ‍You can purchase the game either ‍physically or digitally. Don’t miss​ out on this thrilling new adventure, and pick up your copy of Gunvolt Records Chronicle today!

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