Indie RPG Sea of Stars to Receive Physical Edition in 2021

Indie RPG Sea of Stars to Receive Physical Edition in 2021

Indie action-adventure RPG ⁣Sea of Stars was⁤ announced to release a​ physical edition in 2021. ⁢The ‍critically-acclaimed‌ game follows two protagonists on ‍a ‌quest to‍ bring ‍light and life back to the universe‌ – a feat that won’t be easy with the all-consuming darkness that plagues it.

Developed by Sabotage Studio, ​Sea of Stars is set in the world of Harm’s Way, a place where your decisions and ⁢actions⁢ have ⁤consequences. Your quest together‍ with the two characters will be full ​of difficult tasks, combat encounters, puzzles, and⁣ character development. You’ll get to get⁤ to know allies and⁤ adversaries along⁣ the ⁤way while setting‍ your own destiny.

The game allows you to ‍customize your characters to ‍your​ preference, with Jasmin and Zam ‍being the main protagonists. It ‌also has⁣ detailed graphics with crisp colors and⁢ true-to-life ‌animations. Sea of Stars is ⁤filled with a rich ⁢musical score‌ and‍ the⁣ background music ​changes depending on which part⁤ of⁢ the ​world‍ you’re exploring.

In 2021, Sea of Stars will be available⁤ worldwide as ⁤a physical edition. Fans of the game can⁤ look forward to playing the game with a physical copy, along with ⁢a bunch of exciting goodies. The‍ physical edition already has 38 achievements that will lead players‌ to the​ end ​of the game.

Sea of Stars is⁣ slated for a ⁤2021 release on Nintendo Switch,‌ PlayStation 4, Steam, ⁤and⁣ Xbox One.

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